At Lisa Tilley Consulting, our goal is to have a continual positive impact on the success and happiness of our clients.

Lisa consults with privately held corporate boards of directors, management teams, fiduciaries, as well as other vendors concerning various financial related issues and governance best practices.

She has particular expertise working with Employee Stock Ownership Plan sponsors and boards concerning a coordinated and sustainable ESOP strategy.

Consulting Services to Closely Held Companies
  • Compensation Studies
  • Design of Key Executive Compensation and Incentive Programs
  • Design of Retirement Benefit Programs
  • Retirement and Health & Welfare Benefit Program Compliance Reviews
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Management Succession
  • Board Membership (evaluated case by case)
  • Corporate Governance
Additional Consulting Services in the Employee Stock Ownership Plan Marketplace
  • Corporate Governance and Fiduciary Issues
  • ESOP Repurchase Liability Measurement and Planning (in conjunction with client vendor of choice)
  • Sustainability
  • Transaction Structure
  • Employee Meetings (customized to specific level of financial knowledge)
  • Corporate Train the Trainer ESOP Meetings to Build ESOP Culture
  • ESOP Committee Formation and Support